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OnCall is an application that provides on-call scheduling for clinical staff, location of staff that are on-call in real time, and real time contact/communication capability for those clinicians on-call at any given moment for the hospital.

OnCall allows not only administrators to plan their staffing of on-call rotations, but also allows staff to trade on-call schedules and cover for each other through interactions between staff members within the application. In an emergency OnCall can nofify the user which staff are the closest and allow the user to choose who to contact.


The VHA is home to the United States’ largest integrated health system consisting of 150 medical centers, and nearly 1,400 community-based outpatient clinics, community living centers, and Vet Centers. With a physician network of over 53,000 members, the VHA provides care to over 8.3 million veterans each year.
Utilizing its integrated health system, the VHA has invested heavily in technology and currently operates over 20 mobile applications supporting inpatient, outpatient, and general wellness services. As a forward thinking healthcare provider, the VHA is continuously looking for new ways to improve its services through innovative technology opportunities.

Business Objective

Support the development of a conceptual prototype to replace their current analog “On-call” process. This prototype will serve as a demonstrable capability of Deloitte Digital mobile app development services for future VHA/DoD engagements.


VHA Stakeholders – Hospital Directors & Medical Staff

Key Project Areas