REVAMP for Clinicians


    The Image Viewing Solution (IVS) mobile application (app) allows U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinicians and other medical professionals to search for and view patients’ clinical images. The IVS aggregates images from VA enterprise medical facilities, offering easily accessible diagnostic-grade images, capabilities to work with images (e.g., scrolling, panning, zooming, adjusting window/level) and a tool to collaborate with other VA clinical staff.

    The IVS App protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) as well as the fidelity of the image, ensuring IVS usage is HIPPA compliant and that images cannot be manipulated.


    • Audience: Clinicians
    • LifeCycle Case: 1841659
    • Application Level: 2
    • Mobile Application Support Process Phase: 5 - Sustainment

    Key Dates

    • Beta Test Begins: 12/01/2015
    • Release Target: 05/24/2017


    Role Name Email
    Product Manager Damien Sharp damien.sharp@mbltechnologies.com
    App Subject Matter Expert Alexander Gayle alex.gayle@aetossystems.com
    Awareness Group Ronnie Urquhart ronnie.urquhart@aetossystems.com
    Awareness Group Robin Stewart robin.stewart@aetossystems.com
    Awareness Group Vikki Rickard vikki.rickard@aetossystems.com